New Orb-Shaped Restaurant In Norwegian Fjord Makes Headlines

There is a new restaurant named the iris that allows you to experience ‘expedition dining’. The special restaurant is located in a space-age object, known as Salmon Eye, and it’s open for business. Read ahead to learn more about the newest addition that puts a unique twist to the fine dining experience.

By Cookist

Photo credit: Salmon eye

The structure allegedly weighs over 1,200 tonnes and is coated with 9,000 steel plates, which is what gives it that out of this world appearance.

The restaurant can comfortably seat 24 diners, and there's a 2-hour ‘learning experience’ on offer for those who don't fancy eating here.

For the experience, guests are served a tasting menu of no less than 18 courses. It seeks to showcase innovative, freshly discovered ingredients from the ocean, while drawing attention to the importance of sustainability.

The meal begins with a short film about the problem of food waste. A seat at a table for the evening will cost you £246 (€285.50, $312).

But the great food is not the only attractive thing about the restaurant. It is located in the Hardangerfjord, near the Rosendal in Western Norway and offers great views of the surrounding fjord, mountains and glaciers.

Will you be adding this to your must-visit list of fine dining restaurants? You bet we are!

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