Nigella Lawson Shares Newfound Hack That Will “Help Your Bread’s Texture and Rise”

With the coronavirus pandemic still in the full onslaught, health providers advise that people limit their daily activities to those that can be performed indoors i.e., stay self-quarantined for as long as you can! If your activity of choice is baking, then you have surely tried making bread; for how to get the perfect crust, read on for what renowned chef, Nigella Lawson, advises you to do.

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Right now, many people are staying self-quarantined and are subsequently looking for ways to kill time. Many have turned to social media, but an equal number has turned to cooking and baking.

Admittedly, there is so much time that you can try out just about any recipe over and over until you perfect it. It is rewarding in many ways; not only do you get sweet rewards after everything, but you also add obtaining a skill to your list of achievements.

When it comes to baking bread, you don't have to go for too many tries before getting a perfect texture and rise thanks to Nigella Lawson!

The British TV chef and cookbook author took to Twitter to share one out of her bread-making secrets. She wrote:

"Quick message to all those making bread at the moment. Keep the water you've cooked potatoes or pasta in. It will help the bread's texture and rise."


Well, who would have thought there was another use for pasta water than the typical using it as a base for pasta sauce!?

However, before using the pasta or potatoes water like Lawson directed, you must do a tasting. Typically, you salt the water you use to boil pasta or potatoes, so tasting it before use will help you determine whether you should add more water or not.

If it is too salty, dilute it before adding to the dough mix and avoid salting the dough any further. This tip is also from Lawson, who has certified the hack worthy of sharing.

Will you be trying this?

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