The easy recipe to make a wonderful and delicious dessert.

Ingredients: For the base: 300g chocolate cake 80ml milk 50g dark chocolate for the filling: 100g butter  200g mascarpone cheese 30ml milk 150g powdered sugar for the garnish:  hazelnut spread chopped hazelnuts


1. Crumble the chocolate cake, then combine with the milk and dark chocolate.
2. The mixture should be nice and moist, roll it out between two sheets of plastic wrap.
3. Prepare the cream by mixing together the butter, milk, mascarpone cheese and powdered sugar.
4. Spread this cream over the chocolate cake base. Roll it up carefully.
5. Refrigerate, then garnish with hazelnut spread and chopped hazelnuts. You can fill it with any cream you like. If the butter, mascarpone and sugar cream is too sweet for your tastes, try a regular mascarpone cream or use a chocolate custard cream.

Serve and enjoy!