Nutritional benefits of Swai fish

Here is the nutritional content of Swai fish.

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Read on to know about the nutritional content of Swai fish!

Swai fish is a species of catfish and is usually found in South East Asia. It is also known as basa, tra, striped catfish, bocourti, pangasius, or Vietnamese river cobbler. While, this fish is largely eaten by many people around the world, there are still many reports or studies which warns against consuming it. Here is the nutritional content of Swai fish.



It contains no carbs and is a great food option for people on a low-carb diet.



Each fillet of Swai fish contains around 10g of fat out of which only 11mg is omega-3 fatty acids. This means it is very low in healthy fat content.



Each fillet contains 26g of proteins, which is not too high as compared to other varieties of fish.


It does not contain a very high amount of vitamin and minerals.

So, swai fish can be consumed by people who are willing to consume a low-carb diet with moderate protein content. However, it is better to choose other healthier variety of fish to meet the nutritional needs.

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