When you chip a cup, a pot loses its grip, or you breaks the handle of a pan or we buy a new appliance that substitute the old whisks, we are used to throwing the old to make room for the new. And it is also true that this way of doing is one of the greatest impulses for the economy because this generates new demand and new productions.

But this article certainly does not want to act as a brake on the economic cycle but it wants just to propose an alternative: economic and technological progress is always welcome, even if it only leads to a simplification of domestic life, but rather to trash old unused or damaged objects, why don't choose to recycle them?

There are many simple and inexpensive ways to reuse outdated products like old disused kitchen utensils.

Just a little imagination and the right inspiration will be enough to recycle old kitchen utensils. Because you have to admit it: some are really beautiful to show and sometimes it’s so painful to have to throw them away.

The old cutlery that is no longer usable, the rusty iron pans, the outdated manual graters are all tools that we probably see as more familiar and even more aesthetically pleasing than these new appliances, but we must admit that an electric grater or a kneader help a lot in the kitchen.

So progress is certainly good, but this doesn't mean that tradition has to be forgotten. It is possible to preserve all those kitchen products that are no longer used or that have been damaged without occupying precious space at home, because we know that space never seems to be enough even in the most spacious homes.