Party omelette: combine many ingredients and enjoy them with friends

Make the omelette and enjoy them!

By Cookist

The incredible omelette flavor mixed with other tasty ingredients. If you want spend a beautiful lunch or dinner with your friends, this food idea is ideal.

Ingredients: 6 eggs, salt, black pepper, potatoes, tomatoes, chives, walnuts, cheese, salmon, dill, honey.



1) In a large bowl mix together eggs, salt and black pepper;

2) Pour the mixture into the little no stick pan;

3) Cut the tomatoes, potatoes and chives; fry the potatoes before using them;

4) In each pan add the ingredients you prefer;

5) Finally cut and add walnuts, cheese and pour some honey;

6) Cook and enjoy.

You can make the same recipe in the oven too. Pour the batter into little baking trays and bake at 356°F (180°) for 15 minutes.

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