It may be hard to believe, but Italians have found a way to tackle the increase in plastic waste that comes with the advent of technology. It is with the use of pasta straws! Yes, you heard, right. These disposable straws may be that thought-provoking genius invention you'll read about today.

Many people deem the Italians some of the most romantic people when it comes to their cuisine. This article is, however, not about a delicious recipe, it is one about the ingenious creation of an Italian company.

They have created a unique straw that is made of pasta and, thus, naturally disposable. Thanks to this, it poses no danger to human health and the environment in comparison to its synthetic (plastic and paper) competitors.

For environmentalists, this sure gives these pasta straws an edge. The importance of caring for the environment cannot be stressed, considering the many problems that are accrued to the use of synthetic substances.

As regards human health, these dangers include various problems like eye irritation, cancer, liver dysfunction, and many more others. As per the environment, synthetic substances pollute the air, soil, and water.

Over a long period of usage and disposal, these substances cause potential damage to man and the environment. This is perhaps why the issue of the toxicity of synthetic substances has been labeled a "global" problem.

However, a creative invention like the pasta straw abolishes all fears of toxicity. These straws are made by an Italian company called "Stroodles," and its founder likes to market it as "not just a straw company."

Stroodles' straws have no taste, can reportedly last for up to an hour, and most importantly, are eco-friendly.

In an interview with Bored Panda, Maxim Gelmann, the brain behind Stroodles, expressed hopes to leave a significant impact on the world through his innovative creation.

He said:

"I feel I can leave a long-term impact by creating a ripple effect by triggering many small changes all across the world."

Gelmann pushed on that he plans to create awareness amongst the less environmentally conscious population in a "non-preachy" but fun way. Thus, the creation of pasta straws as well as plans for many more innovations like it to abolish the use of synthetic materials like plastic.

Thankfully, Italians have accepted these pasta straws and they have become increasingly widespread in bars. Leave it to Italians to find new ways to make food fun!