Another viral hair trend? Food inspired? If you’re hearing about “peanut butter and jelly hair” for the first time you can be forgiven for wondering if it’s a new deep-conditioning treatment using peanut butter and jelly…

However, you don’t have to coat your locks in PB & J for this hair trend, it’s inspired by the colors of peanut butter and jelly. Hairstylist Megan Shipani created the food-based look, involving berry and caramel colored highlights that remind you of your fave snack.

peanut butter

Schipani gave her client’s pre-lightened hair a deep purple base for the “jelly”, and she then alternated sections with the berry shade on some pieces and a maroon on others. Some pieces she left as the pre-lightened caramel colored hair to make the “peanut butter” part of the look.

Schipani says any hair type will suit the PB & J look, but if your hair is dark, you’ll need it pre-lightened first. The look will fade out nicely over time, with perhaps a root touch up to darken them with the purple shade after a month or two.

If reading about this food inspired hair has made you long for the childhood snack staple that is peanut butter and jelly, here’s some trivia about them:

• The first recorded pairing of the two ingredients on bread was rumored to be published in the U.S. in 1901. It was considered to be a treat for the well-to-do, as peanuts were expensive back then. The sandwich moved down the class structure by the late 1920’s, when the price of peanut butter fell.

• A survey done in 2002 showed that the average American will have eaten 2,500 PB and J sandwiches by the time they graduate from high school.

• PB and J are so good, they have not one, but two national celebration days! February 12 and April 2 are both National Peanut Butter and Jelly Day.

• The world’s largest peanut butter and jelly sandwich was made on November 13, 2010, in Grand Saline, Texas. The sandwich weighed 1,342 pounds, with 720 pounds of bread, 493 pounds of peanut butter, and 129 pounds of jelly!

• The preferred type of jelly is strawberry, with 36.53% of respondents questioned naming it as their favorite. Grape was a close second, with raspberry, blueberry, apricot and orange marmalade trailing the field.

• PB and J sandwiches are also an interstellar treat! Astronauts on the International Space Station use tortilla, peanut butter and jelly to make a delicious floating snack.