Persimmon jam: the delicious recipe for your breakfast and desserts

Total time: 1H
Difficulty: Low
By Cookist
Ripe Persimmons
Vanilla Extract
3 tbsp
Lemon juice
1-2 cups

The persimmon jam is a preserve to be prepared in the fall and it is obtained from the soft and sweet pulp of these orange colored fruits with a unique flavor. A simple jam to prepare at home and excellent to spread on bread or biscuits, but also to stuff tarts, pies, or to accompany mature cheeses. For the preparation, choose ripe persimmons, which are also the sweetest, so as to use less sugar. The addition of the apple will serve to give greater consistency to persimmon jam, as it contains pectin, a natural gelling agent. Lemon juice and vanilla will give a more intense and pleasant flavor. But here's how to prepare it at home.


The first thing to do is to proceed with the sterilization of the glass jars you use for jam. Now take your ripe persimmons (1), wash them under running water, dry them with a clean cloth and remove the petiole (2). Then peel them completely with a knife (3).

Put the persimmon pulp obtained in a pot (4). However, remove the central filaments of persimmon, otherwise you risk that the jam slightly binds the mouth. Peel an apple (5) and cut it into cubes (6). The apple is pleasant to the taste but first of all it acts as a natural thickener.

Add the diced apple to the persimmon pulp in the pot (7) and add 3 tablespoons of vanilla extract, or use the internal seeds of a vanilla pod. Now squeeze the lemon (8) and add it to the persimmons and the apple. Add the sugar (9) to the jam and let it go on a gentle flame, stirring until the jam reaches the desired consistency. Put it then in the hot jars leaving 1 cm from the edge. Screw and let it cool: the heat will create the vacuum.

To check if the vacuum has been created correctly, press in the middle of the cap: if you do not hear the clik-clak, then it is okay. If instead you use jars with rubber seals, when you consume the jam do the test by pulling the tongue of the rubber seal: if the noise it produces is dry, then the vacuum is created, otherwise, it is better not to consume the jam. Your persimmon jam will be ready to be tasted after resting for at least 3 weeks in a dry place protected from light.


When you choose persimmon for the preparation of jam just prefer ripe ones, but make sure that they are not soggy and that they are free of cracks.

Choose small jars for your persimmon jam, so as to consume it in a short time, once opened.

To remove the sour taste from the persimmon jam, you can add a little ‘Grand Marnier' liqueur during the preparation.

If the jam appears too liquid, add some thickener.

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