The chocolate chip cookie can be regarded as the traditional cookie flavor, but food companies like Pillsbury are changing that. The famous food processing company recently launched their special strawberry cheesecake cookie dough that requires practically nothing before they can be consumed.

They are already cut into the traditional cookie shape, so all that you are required to do is prevent them from sticking to the pan when baking by using cooking spray.

Afterward, set them in the oven and let them cook for a few minutes, and voila, your delicious and out of the box snacks are ready.

Can it get any better!?

That's a yes because what makes the new release most fascinating is that it is labeled safe for consumption even raw!

So, if you're too hungry and can barely hold back the need to chew on the flavorful dough, you can take bites without worries!

There is no need to feel guilty about it going by the unique flavors contained in the cookie dough. Pillsbury proudly describes the dough as one that is cheesecake-flavored and mixed with strawberry-flavored bits.

While this is not the first time they're releasing this particular flavor for their cookie dough, it is notably different now that it's safe to eat raw.

Unlike most of the company's other cookie dough products, the cheesecake/strawberry dough produces 12 large cookies that promise to be filling.

When they were launched last year, two packages were sold for $5, and that much is expected again. However, reports share that the new product will only be available for a limited time.

So, if you are a fan, we advise that you hit the grocery stores as soon as possible!

Image credits: Instagram @Candyhunting