The pilosella (Hieracium pilosella) is a plant of the Asteraceae family: it has diuretic, anti-inflammatory and antibiotic properties, and it is a precious remedy to drain and purify the body. Its name refers to the term pilus, that in Latin means hairy, due to the appearance of the plant, which is covered with a slight down with yellow inflorescences. But let’s discover the properties and use of this precious natural remedy.

Properties and benefits of pilosella

The pilosella has diuretic and draining properties, thanks to the presence of flavonoids that make it an excellent treatment in case of water retention, cellulite, swelling in the legs and ankles and edema of the lower limbs. It also helps to purify the body, freeing it from toxins, a useful action also in the case of hypertension, rheumatism and high azotemia.

The pilosella also helps in the presence of uric calculosis, purifying the blood. Its antiseptic properties, on the other hand, are important in case of urinary tract infections and it has an antibiotic action in case of cystitis, urethritis and brucellosis. The presence of tannins, on the other hand, helps the healing of internal and external bleeding caused by trauma and infection.

The pilosella also performs an anti-inflammatory and astringent action that can also be useful in the case of acne. Although the pilosella is not a plant that promotes weight loss, it helps to reactivate the metabolism, also thanks to the fact that it improves drainage and stimulates circulation.

How to use the pilosella

The pilosella can be used in many different ways for our well-being. You can use it as an infusion, using 1 tablespoon of aerial parts of the plant, to be purchased in herbal medicine shops, and to be left to infuse in a cup of boiling water for at least 10 minutes. Just filter it and drink it away from meals. It is advisable to consume 2 cups a day, always after asking the doctor for advice, to drain the tissues affected by cellulite. Taken in the form of herbal tea, it also helps to momentarily mitigate hunger.