Pineapples and Christmas don’t naturally seem to go together, with pineapples being associated with balmy tropical evenings spent sipping pina coladas, and Christmas being associated with snow, cold and mulled wine.

The thing is, people started using pineapples instead of pumpkins at Halloween for their Jack o’Lantern, and they liked it so much that they’re now making mini Christmas trees out of them too!

You can create a snazzy miniature Christmas tree with a difference using just a few leftover miniature tree ornaments, or maybe some tinsel strands. You could even put glue on the leaf tips and sprinkle glitter over them, or add a string of fairy lights.

One person on Pinterest took things one step further by taking a large faux yellow tree and turning it into a pineapple by adding black tinsel and ornaments, and a leafy topper. Some folks are also turning their real Christmas trees into pineapple-themed ones, using yellow ornaments, net lighting and palm fronds at the top of the tree.

If you like being subtler and are good at crafting, you can paint pinecones yellow and add leaves made of green card at the top to create tree decorations.

Other Cool Christmas Trees from Around the World

The Australians created a 32-foot-tall Christmas tree made from LEGO to display in Melbourne. The tree was accompanied by a life-sized toy soldier and candy canes, as well as surfer Santa in swim shorts and a sleigh of presents.

The star on the tree was made from 13,195 pieces, designed and built by the patient LEGO master builder Chris Steininger and his family.

St. Pancras station in London had a huge tree made solely from cuddly toys in 2015, and the English National Ballet had the tree in the foyer of the London Coliseum made out of ballet shoes.

Another trend that seems to be gaining ground is the ‘ladder tree’ in America. Yes, it’s people using their stepladders as the festive focal point of their décor. Just add some twinkling lights, a few ornaments and a bit of tinsel and you’re all set to welcome Santa!