It’s been long since many of us are familiar with the health benefits of olives and olive oil. In fact, I am sure it must have become a kitchen essential for many of us. But, do we really know how to store it right to get the maximum benefits from the food components of olive oil? Read on to know more.

This monounsaturated fatty acids rich oil is used in a variety of food preparations right from salads, to pan fried and baked dishes to even a few dessert preparations. But, only if it tastes right. It has been observed that if kept near the hob or the oven, the flavor of olive oil gets ruined.

Cooking experts shared light on the importance of storing the olive oil correctly. They revealed that if olive oil is placed in a warm and well lit place the flavor of olive oil tends to get mustier and over time becomes vinegary.

So, it is best to store this precious cooking oil in a cool and dark place in a tightly sealed container. Even then, the shelf life of olive oil is pretty limited once the packaged sealed is broken!

Surprisingly, even an unopened bottle of olive oil is good to be consumed for up to two years, only if the bottle is stored in a dark place between the temperature ranges of 14 degrees C to 18 degrees C. However, up on breaking the sealed bottle one must consume the oil within six months to enjoy the rancid free oil with the maximum flavor.

It has been observed that the very vital components of human life are actually enemies of this Mediterranean staple cooking oil. That is, light, oxygen, and heat!

Rightly so, it is essential to keep your container of olive oil away from the warm areas in the kitchen particularly next to the stove, hob, and ovens. Else it will turn rancid in no time.

Even though it makes sense to keep the basic kitchen essentials closest to the cooking area but not at the expense of destroying your health. Do you agree? So, store your olive oil carefully and properly to enjoy various health benefits of olive oil as it has bad cholesterol lowering properties, antioxidants, improves hair health and aids in weight loss.

Moreover, it is absolutely essential to store the very pricey extra virgin olive oil correctly as it is added mostly in the dishes which require zero to minimum cooking for the intense flavors it adds to the dish. So, store your containers of olive oils with utmost care and precaution.