A tasty cordon bleu made in a plumcake mold. An easy way to make it very big and with the double taste. Lunch, dinner, party, it's alway ideal!

Ingredients: 600 g chicken breasts (sliced); 350 g edamer cheese; 350 g ham; 1 liter béchamel sauce; 200 g flour; 200 g bread crumbs; 5 eggs; oil for frying.


Line chicken in a plum cake mould.
Start topping it with one layer of cheese, one of ham and one of béchamel as in the video.
Seal the cake with some more chicken and put it in a freezer overnight.
Put the chicken brick in flour, then eggs and finally in bread crumbs.
Put the brick in heated oil and fry it for couple of minutes on each side.
Serve hot and enjoy!