Potato fritters: how to prepare them in just a few steps!

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Fritters are enjoyed by most folks around the world. These potato fritters are similar to Potato Croquettes—fried mashed potato stuffed with cheese and fried until crispy. It’s a delicious way to make use of leftover mashed potato. For these potato fritters, you need potatoes, eggs, parmesan, and cheese. For flavor, you can add nutmeg and parsley, or use any of your favorite herbs and spices. The potato fritters are crispy on the outside, and tender and cheesy on the inside. Serve it as a snack with a dollop of Greek yogurt or sweet chili sauce, or check out our other serving suggestions below!


What Are Potato Fritters? 

Potato fritters come in all shapes and sizes, but this recipe is basically a Potato Croquette recipe. To make a potato croquette, mashed potato is stuffed with your choice of ingredients (cheese is usually added), covered with breadcrumbs, then fried until golden and crispy.

Potato Fritters Ingredients 

Potato – any type of potato will work

Egg – egg yolks are used as a binder, and to make the breadcrumbs stick

Seasoning – nutmeg and parsley add flavor; feel free to use your favorite seasoning

Parmesan – adds to that cheesy flavor

Cheese – using mozzarella gives you the perfect cheese stretch!

How To Make Potato Fritters

These potato fritters come together quickly. Cook and mash the potatoes, then mix with the parmesan cheese, seasoning, and egg yolks.

Stuff with cheese, dip in the egg wash and breadcrumbs and fry until golden.

It’s as easy as that!


Make sure to use an oil suitable for frying at higher temperatures. These include canola, peanut, sunflower, or corn oil.

To make perfect, equally-sized scoops of potato fritters, you can use an ice cream scoop.

You can add other cheeses for extra flavor (parmesan, feta, or cheddar will all work). Just note that parmesan and feta will make it quite salty.

To make these Blue Cheese Fritters gluten-free, you can use almond flour or any gluten-free flour blend.

To make the fritters in the Airfryer, scoop spoonsful of the fritter batter on a baking sheet and freeze for 10 minutes. Then places the batter pieces in the Airfryer basket and air fry at 400°F for 15 minutes, flipping halfway.

You can also cook the fritters in the Airfryer:

Place the fritters in the air fryer basket and spray them with cooking oil.  Air fry at 400°F for 25 minutes, flipping halfway.

How To Serve Potato Fritters

Serve the fritters with a green salad as a light, but satisfying lunch, or serve them as an appetizer. Add your favorite dipping sauce and you have a delicious, light meal!

How To Store Potato Fritters

Store the Potato Fritters in the refrigerator for up to 4 days. Just make sure to store it in an airtight container, and line it with paper towels to absorb excess moisture.

boiled potatoes
Egg yolks
A pinch nutmeg powder
beaten eggs
Mozzarella cheese

Peel the cooked potatoes, then mash them with a potato ricer.


Combine the mashed potato with salt, pepper, nutmeg, egg yolks, and parmesan


Cut the cheese into strips.


Take a scoop of potato mash and wrap it around cheese, making sure it's completely covered.


Continue with the rest of the potato mash.


Whisk two eggs in a shallow bowl. Dip the potato fritter in the egg, then cover it with breadcrumbs.


Fry the fritters about for 6 to 7 minutes, until golden and crispy.


Serve and enjoy!

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