Whenever you cooked potatoes, did you always throw away the peels? You have wasted a very useful product: here is how to use them in a useful and alternative way.

 After peeled and cooked some potatoes, probably everybody has thrown away the peels. In spite of what everyone has always thought, they can be recycled in a useful and alternative way, putting an end to any kind of wastefulness. It is possible to cook them, to use them as fertilizer for the plants or, again, as a product for the beauty care. After the tangerine, banana and orange peels, here are the strangest uses of potato peels.


Tasty frying

Potato peels can be cooked, giving life to tasty dishes. The best is to fry them in abundant oil after having rinsed and dried them, serving them hot and with dipping sauces. They will prove even better than French fries.

Draining herbal teas

Potato peels are rich in potassium and are perfect for those who want to fight water retention. Therefore they can be used to prepare draining herbal teas, the important thing is to filter well the decoction that will be created after boiling them in water.

Natural remedy for the burns

When you spend a lot of time cooking on the stove, you will inevitably get burnt. Potato peels can help alleviate redness and burns. You simply need to apply them on the area to be treated to immediately feel relief.

Fertilizer for plants

Potato peels are also an excellent fertilizer for the garden and for houseplants. To use them, simply cut them into small pieces and ground them or, alternatively, mix them with eggshells, cook them in the oven at 70C degrees for about an hour and a half and chop everything until you get a kind of flour. The mixture will be a perfect natural fertilizer.

Remedy for encrustations of pots

If the kitchen pots and saucepans are covered with encrustations, you can use the potato peels to remove them as they have incredible detergent properties. You have to boil them in the pot to be cleaned with a little water and then rub them on the darker spots to achieve impeccable results.

DIY makeup to fight dark circles and bags under the eyes

Potato peels are known for their anti-inflammatory and softening properties and that's why they can fight dark circles and bags under the eyes. All those who want to try this do-it-yourself makeup must cut them into large pieces, apply them under the eyes for about fifteen minutes and then rinse the treated area with fresh water.