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Pre-Made Meals You Can Buy At The Grocery Store And Those You Should Avoid

Pre-made grocery meals have been saving lives for years because there are always days you don't feel like cooking. Keep reading to find out which ones to buy and which to shun.

By Cookist

Cooking is an essential every adult must master to some degree to survive. Whether you enjoy it or not, it can't be denied that cooking is an essential life but even if you take pleasure in cooking, there are days when you will not have the energy or time to make even a simple dish.

That's where pre-made grocery meals come in.

Pre-made meals can either come frozen, refrigerated, or packed at a deli section. All they require is minimal interaction at home.

Of course, we can agree that nothing can compare to the warmth and fulfilling homemade meals, however the convenience of pre-made meals gives it a run for its money.

Now that you know that, you're probably thinking about grabbing some but before you do, you should know this.

Not all ready-made meals are created the same. Some may be useless as an in-store option, while others can be budget friendly weeknight shortcuts that can potentially save you a lot of time.

Below is a list that will guide you through a few of the best options and help you identify the items you should avoid.


1.Rotisserie chicken (BUY)

This tops the list because most store-bought rotisserie chickens are similar. They have a small to midsize body and golden, crispy skin — one of its biggest selling points.

The chicks get seasoned before they get on the spit, ensuring layers of flavor. The basic version contains a salty brine, but some stores have also been using an array of spice mixes and seasoning blends to liven things up.

This ingredient is great for many reasons, not only is it tasty and convenient, but it is also affordable.

2.Mashed potatoes (DON'T BUY)

Mashed potatoes are popular as a side dish in America, however the convenient grocery versions can't compare to a classic homemade mash.

Pre-made grocery store mashed potatoes can come in various forms, however the most popular is the powdered or flaky instant version.

Unfortunately since it is a processed product with preservatives, its nutritional profile is nothing compared to the classic with real potatoes.


3.Soups (BUY)

Pre-made soups are usually available in two varieties: old-school canned versions with a long shelf life or pre-made refrigerated soups with a shorter fridge life.

Despite their differences, both are relatively healthy, incredibly convenient. In fact, the major reason you should buy grocery store soup is its convenience and the fact that it requires minimal preparation.

4.Pre-made sandwiches (DON'T BUY)

Sandwiches in grocery stores are the perfect way to disguise deli products that are well past their prime. Yes, those nicely packaged sandwiches can come with stale ham and sliced cheese that has spent too much time on the counter. Also, they are not the best nutritional source.


5.Salads and kits with dressing on the side (BUY)

The best pre-made grocery store salads serve the dressing on the side. This helps you to easily control how much you want to use, making sure that it remains healthy.

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