Don't serve your dessert in a simple bowl, prepare one of this!

Ingredients: Puff pastry; 1 bar of chocolate; Whipping cream; Strawberries (½ cup). Glass bowl; Chopping board; Baking paper.


1)Layout the sheet of pastry on a chopping board.

2) Cut out two pastry circles using a glass bowl.

3) Make small cuts on one of the circles to make a mesh pattern.

4) Place the newly cut circle on top of the inverted bowl.

5) Stretch it a little to open the holes.

6) Bake the two circles (the flat one and the one on top of the bowl) for 15 minutes at 185º.

7) Take them out of the oven. Once cool, fill the base with cream, strawberries and chocolate.

8) Then place the dome lid on top.

9) Decorate with melted chocolate and icing sugar.