A tasty and easy to make treat that everyone is going to love!

Ingredients: 300g milk chocolate; 500g white chocolate; 200g white hazelnut spread; 70g puffed rice; candy bars.


1) Heat the milk chocolate until melted, then pour it into a bread pan. Cover the entire pan using a brush, this will be the outer layer of the nougat. Cover the pan with one layer of chocolate and freeze it for 10 minutes, then repeat with a second layer.

2) To prepare the nougat filling, mix the white hazelnut spread, with melted white chocolate and puffed rice. Add some pieces of candy bars to the mixture.

3) Fill the pan with the mixture and cover the top with some candy bars.

4) Refrigerate for at least 4 hours.

Make also little snacks using a simple ice tray: Chocolate Ice Tray mini-dessert

Ingredients: dark chocolate; cookies.


1) Melt the chocolate and pour it into an ice tray.

2) Let it chill for 5 minutes. Add your favorite cookies (crushed) to the center of each cube.

3) Pour the remaining chocolate over them.

4) Freeze for 60 minutes.