You have to have dinner but you do not want to feel too heavy when you go to bed. There are some foods that should not be eaten in the evening: let's find out which they are.

The evening is the time of day that many prefer, since you return from work and you give yourself the deserved relaxation on the couch. Sometimes, however, to placate the sense of appetite, unhealthy foods are consumed, which end up only to disturb digestion and sleep. Let's find out which foods to avoid in the evening.

Red meat – We have always been used to thinking that a nice steak was perfect to eat at the end of the day, maybe after a workout at the gym. But the truth is that red meat is not easily digested by our organism and that is why it should be avoided when you want to enjoy the maximum rest.

Carbohydrates – Which of us is not crazy about pasta? But in the evening we should never eat it. In fact, carbohydrates slow down digestion and metabolism.

Desserts and ice creams – Although we have always considered desserts to be the best end to a meal, they should be avoided at night. They contain too much sugar, preventing our body from resting.

Cereals and yogurt – Cereals and yogurt are good for breakfast or a healthy snack, but in the evening it would be good to choose those that are not sweetened. In this way, the blood sugar does not undergo abrupt changes and the quality of your sleep is not disturbed.

Alcohol – If we want to sleep well, we should not consume alcohol before going to sleep. Alcohol alters sleep and it makes awakening difficult, it is better to drink a tea or just water to enjoy those hours of relaxation.