1 Eat the right foods to get rid of the onion smell

You can still perceive onion in your mouth for a few days after enjoying a dish that contains this vegetable; fortunately, there are some products that you can eat after onions to refresh your breath. Here are some suggestions: Kiwi; Fresh parsley; Raw mushrooms; Eggplants; Apple; Lemon juice; Green tea.

2 Eliminate the smell from the containers

When you cut onions, they are better preserved in airtight containers, where often you can still feel the smell. To remove it from plastic containers: wash them with very hot soapy water; rinse them; rub them with a cloth moistened with vinegar or sprinkle their surface with sodium bicarbonate; let the containers dry in the sun.

3 Get rid of kitchen smells

Onions give a rich flavor to dishes, but few people like the house to continue to stink for days after cooking. There are some methods to absorb these unpleasant aromas, here are the most common: mix vinegar and water in equal parts in a saucepan and let the liquid simmer over medium heat for at least an hour; alternatively, you can fill a bowl with pure vinegar and leave it close to the stove for the whole night; pour some water into a saucepan and add the peel of lemon, orange and other citrus fruit, then bring it to a boil and let it simmer for at least an hour; pour 50 g of bicarbonate into a sprayer and fill it with water, then carefully shake and spray the mixture throughout the house, especially in the kitchen.


4 Sprinkle the clothes with alcohol to free them from the smell of onions and cooking

When you prepare dishes with onions, the smells impregnate anything, including the clothes you wear. To get rid of them, hang clothes in the open air, fill a sprayer with vodka (or denatured alcohol) and water in equal parts; shake well the container and spread the liquid on the fabrics and wait for it to dry in the air. You can also use this method on furniture, curtains and other fabrics.

5 Wash your hair with sodium bicarbonate and citrus fruit to dispel the smell of onions

 Even the hair is impregnated with this smell and it is not always easy to get rid of it. When the hair smell of onions or cooking, you can wash it with:

30 ml of shampoo, 5 grams of sodium bicarbonate and 5 ml of lemon juice.
Wash your hair as usual by covering them with a nice foam without forgetting to rub the scalp. Rinse with clean water.

Avoid bad smells on your hands


1 Rinse your hands with vinegar before cutting the onion

This liquid is perfect for absorbing unpleasant odors and preventing them from moving to the skin while working in the kitchen. Before chopping an onion, dip your hands in the vinegar and dry by dabbing; then proceed as usual.

Be careful when using the knife, especially if your hands are wet.

2 Wear gloves

One of the best ways to prevent your hands from smelling of onion is to protect them with gloves when you utilize this vegetable. You can use latex gloves or an alternative material. Before chopping the vegetables, wear a very tight pair and do not take them off until you have finished.

You can use the same method with garlic and fish.

3 Use a food processor

A good tip to avoid that the onion smell impregnates the skin of the hands is to avoid to chop it up with the knife. When you have to use this ingredient in your dishes, peel it and use a food processor to chop it; in this way, you will have chopped onions and scented hands!