We all love to eat bacon with our sandwiches, salads, rice preparations, or as such! And, it takes hell lot of cooking precision, patience, and technique to get the perfectly crispy bacon slice…you think so? Read on to know how with just a tiny tweak in your cooking technique we can turn the soft limp mass of bacon strip to the crunchy thing that we always desire to eat.

More often than expected, strips of bacon end up being limpy and greasy while frying in a pan. But, the experts have shared a cooking technique that will guarantee crispy bacon slice each time you cook it.

Professional kitchen testers of a popular food website have carried out an experiment to find ways to make the bacon slices crunchier and crispier than ever before. The test revealed that just by pouring a little water in to the pan can help you achieve the desired result, as it not only makes the bacon strips crunchy but also prevents bacon fat from dangerously spitting through the pan.

The professionals tried out two ways of which firstly, they fried bacon on high heat and secondly, they cooked strips with enough water to cover the base of the pan, again on high heat. The former test resulted in crispy bacon but with plenty of bacon grease splattering all around the cooking area. However, the bacon cooked with the second technique resulted in crispier bacon slices and no oil splatters.

Thus, the kitchen testers concluded that cooking bacon on a stove with enough water to cover the entire bottom of a pan is the best way to cook tender bacon strips. While pan frying remains the best cooking technique for bacon strips, this technique is good only to cook smaller quantities of bacon. When cooking more than six bacon slices the full proof technique to achieve crispy texture is to bake it in the oven at about 200 degrees C for 18 to 20 minutes.

Yet, there are few chefs that prefer to microwave their bacon strips.

To microwave the bacon strips, place individual slices of bacon over a microwave safe dish covered by one or two layers of paper towel, cover the bacon with another layer of paper towel and then microwave on high for about two minutes. Uncover the top paper towel layer, flip the bacon strips, cover with the paper towel and microwave again the other side of bacon strips for another two minutes. You may repeat the cooking process in the microwave by another minute or so until you achieve the desired crispiness at which you like to enjoy your bacon!