Sandwich Bread Bombs: the Quick and Easy Recipe that Will Surprise You!

Total time: 2 hours
Difficulty: Low
Serves: 5 bombs
By Cookist

Sandwich bread bombs are a quite easy recipe to prepare. Using just a few and simple ingredients, in just a few minutes, you'll assemble an appetizing dish that is sure to please and surprise everyone during brunches, appetizers, aperitifs or as a funny side dish to consume with friends and family!

Come find out how to prepare these delicious and stringy bombs, step by step!


Sliced sandwich bread
5 slices
100 grams
mini mozzarella balls
50 grams
50 grams

How to prepare Sandwich Bread Bombs

On a cutting board, roll out a transparent film and, using a knife, cut yourself a square piece of it.

Place a bread slice on top of it.

Using a rolling pin, roll-out the slices of bread until they are nice and thin.

Place two thin slices of ham on top of it, to cover the whole slice of bread.

Then, place one single mini mozzarella ball on the center of the sliced bread and the ham.

Helping yourself with the transparent film you previously cut, fold the slice of bread in on itself at the four corners, forming a small ball.

Then, wrap the bread ball tightly, folding it inside of the transparent film.

Repeat the operation with the remaining slices of bread, then let them rest inside the refrigerator for at least one hour.

Once they are chilled, roll each ball in flour.

Then into the egg wash.

And, finally, into the breadcrumbs until the whole ball is covered.

Place the balls on top of a baking tray and bake at 180°C for about 15 minutes.

Serve while still warm and enjoy these cheese filled, stringy delights!

Tips on How to Prepare the Sandwich Bread Bombs

You can either fry the bombs or let them bake inside the oven: the result will be, pretty much, the same, as the mozzarella cheese will still be stringy. Baked bombs are, however, a slightly healthier option. We also suggest you refrigerate the mozzarella balls for a few hours before using them, so that the excess liquid inside of them will dry a bit: this will help reduce the loss of liquid while they cook.

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