Selena Gomez Just Launched a Kitchenware Collection Inspired by Her Heritage

Selena Gomez is a successful musician and actress, but now she is wearing a whole new hat that's stepping into the kitchenware industry. The talented young woman has launched a kitchenware collection that's reminiscent of her heritage with the purpose of bringing families together.

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Photo credit: Selena Gomez

Very recently, the 29-year-old singer and entrepreneur opened up about her plans to collaborate with popular cookware brand Our Place on kitchenware collection and will donate a percentage of the proceeds to her Rare Impact Fund.

The kitchenware collection includes the brand's signature "Always Pan" and "Perfect Pot," a knife trio, drinking glasses, main dinnerware, and side plates in two brand-new limited edition colors. The first is a bright blue called Azul, and the other is a deep, berry pink called Rosa.

A press release stated that the founder of Our Place, Shiza Shahid and Gomez, bonded over their belief that home-cooked meals have a way of bringing together to connect with their heritage.

In the past months, the talented singer has shown off her cooking skills on the seasons of her HBO Max cooking show, “Selena + Chef.” The show was born during the early days of the lockdown prompted by the COVID-19 pandemic, and it sees Gomez cook alongside a large roster of celebrity chefs and friends.

Speaking about it in August 2020, she said: "I found myself cooking more just as a result of being home over the last six months. I thought I was a decent cook before, but doing the show was definitely humbling — I realized I didn't know as much as I thought I did."

Our Place has pledged 10% of the total proceeds from their collaboration to the Rare Impact Fund, which aims to support organizations trying to increase access to mental health services in schools. It hopes to raise up to $100 million over the next ten years.

Last month, MTV Entertainment revealed that it would collaborate with Gomez and the Rare Impact Fund to host the first Mental Health Youth Action Forum in coordination with the Biden-Harris Administration on Wednesday, May 18, in Washington, D.C.

Gomez and her organization will be among the 30 mental health youth activists at the Forum, which is scheduled to take place the day before Mental Health Action Day. Gomez is happy to be there and has stated that she will continue fighting to destigmatize mental health through her organization.

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