• Mascarpone cheese 250 grams
  • Fresh whipping cream 200 grams
  • Sugar 60 grams • 470 kcal
  • Hazelnut cream 400 grams
  • Biscuits 300 grams
  • Milk • 49 kcal
  • Flaked almonds
  • Chocolate sprinkles
Calories refers to 100 gr of product

The semifreddo with mascarpone cheese and hazelnut cream is an extremely tasty dessert. Very simple to make and super fast, the semifreddo does not require any type of cooking and it will conquer everyone for its fresh and soft consistency. Perfect conclusion of a summer birthday or an important dinner, it can be also prepared in advance, preserved in the freezer for a few days and taken out last minute. Just long enough to melt slightly and become absolutely irresistible. So let’s see how to prepare the semifreddo with mascarpone cheese and hazelnut cream without making a mistake.

How to prepare the semifreddo with mascarpone cheese and hazelnut cream

Whip the fresh cream with a hand whisk or, alternatively, with an electric one, until you will obtain a firm and shiny mixture (1).

Separately, work the mascarpone cheese with the sugar until having a clear and frothy mixture (2).

Add the whipped cream to the mascarpone cream, incorporating it gently and with movements from top to bottom, taking care not to break everything (3).

Dip the biscuits in the milk and arrange them neatly in the plumcake mold, lined with a sheet of cling film, to form a first layer (4).

Pour about a third of the mascarpone cream over it and level it well. Soften half the hazelnut cream and collect it in a pastry bag (5).

Spread some strips of hazelnut cream on top. Arrange a layer of wet biscuits and continue in this way until all the ingredients are used up, ending with a strip of hazelnut cream (6).

Close with cling film (7) and put in the freezer for at least six hours, better a whole night.

At the moment of serving, take the semifreddo from out of the freezer and put it onto a serving dish (8).

Cover with the remaining hazelnut cream and then spread it well over the entire surface (9). Decorate as desired with flaked almonds and chocolate sprinkles, then let it soften for a few minutes.

As soon as the semifreddo is soft, cut it into slices, arrange them in dessert plates and serve (10).


In the event that there are no children at the table, you can also wet the biscuits in coffee (also flavored with a bit of rum, if you like); the taste will closely resemble the tiramisu taste. You can garnish the semifreddo with the ingredients you prefer or have at home; in addition to almonds and chocolate sprinkles, you can choose flaked or grated coconut, chopped hazelnuts, chocolate chips or sugar sprinkles.

For a lighter variant, you can replace mascarpone cheese with ricotta cheese in whole or in part.

In addition to semifreddo with cream and chocolate, you can try a coffee variant, just as rich and invigorating, or a lemon variant, fresher and more thirst-quenching.


The semifreddo with mascarpone cheese and hazelnut cream can be preserved in the freezer for a few days; in this way you can also prepare it in advance, perhaps on the occasion of an important dinner or a birthday party.