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Seven Common Cake Problems: The Best Solutions And How To Avoid Them Next Time

If you are like us, you have probably turned to baking delicious pastries in the comfort of your homes during the lockdown. When it comes to pastries, there is no better example than cake; believe it or not, these are easy to make and require only a short time. As simple as it may seem, however, you may run into some difficulties like the cake getting burnt or coming out too raw without the proper know-how. These and many more will be explicitly discussed in this article, thus making it the ultimate troubleshooting guide for baking cakes.

By Cookist

Cakes are one of the best creations ever in the baking industry. They are fit for all occasions and can easily be modified to fit individual preferences!

However, nothing can beat the perfection of getting your cake just rightly cooked so that it is moist, delicious, and in the desired shape. Below, we have outlined seven common problems that may arise while baking cakes, the remedies, and what to do to avoid them.

1. Your cake is raw after full-time of baking


Whether you are a newbie to baking or not, you may encounter this problem at any time. It is most commonly attributed to the oven temperature during cooking.

Regardless of how long your cake has stayed in the oven, if the temperature is not of the right amount, your cake may come out uncooked.

Can you still save your cake? Yes!

If the cake is way too raw for consumption, place it back in the oven, and ensure that the temperature is correct.

On the other hand, if your cake is just raw in the middle, wrap it in tin foil and place it back in the oven, this concentrates the heat on the inside so that it is thoroughly cooked through. After some 15 minutes, the cake should be perfectly done.

If it doesn't look too appealing after that, get out your buttercream, and next time, don't forget to apply the correct oven temperature!

2. Your cake comes out flat


If this happens, then you most likely forgot to add baking powder to your cake mix, you didn't add enough. The easiest way to avoid this mistake next time is to use self-raising flour.

Is there a way to get the cake to rise now that it's happened? Well, no. However, we guarantee that it will still taste very delicious if it didn't come out burnt or too dry.

Next time, never forget to add baking powder, use the right baking tin size, and don't whisk the batter too much.

3. Your cake comes out of the oven very dry


This may be attributed to using the wrong ingredient proportions. This is where the importance of using the right measuring tools for every ingredient while making the cake batter.

As for how to solve this problem, there is little to no solution. If the cake is too crumbly, turn it into cake pops to avoid wastage. If it isn't too dry, smear it with moist coverings like buttercream, chocolate, icing, etc. for optimum enjoyment.

4. Your cake has risen on one side and not on the other


This can best be attributed to improperly mixing the cake batter and the temperature of your oven during baking.

Unfortunately, there is almost nothing you can do to save your cake from this unevenness other than trimming it. When the cake has finished cooking, you can trim it with a jagged knife to make it appear even then smear with buttercream and decorations.

Next time, mix your flour and other dry ingredients very well before adding them to the wet ingredients. Also, ensure you use the correct temperature.

5. Your cake won't come out of the baking tin


This problem can get you panicky because it may just ruin the WHOLE thing! But, worry not, there is an easy solution for this.

Run a knife around the edge of the tin, then pat it about the edges and bottom to free any adhesion. Leave it to cool down for about 15 minutes then flip the container over a clean surface.

When the cake comes out, flip it back, then place it on a cooling rack.

If your cake doesn't keep its shape after this, you can make it into cake pops or a crumble, which can be delicious accompaniments for ice-cream.

Next time, make sure you grease your tin with butter, oil, or a non-stick cooking spray before expiring in the batter.

6. Your cake is burnt


Yes, this is one of the most disappointing problems ever because not only does the cake come out dry, it may taste bitter!

Can this be fixed? Well, yes, IF it is only burnt around the edges. When that happens, you can trim the edges then cover in buttercream and any other decoration you prefer.

If it is too charred, there is NO remedy. Next time, set a timer for your cake and make sure the oven is at the right temperature.

7. Your cake is too greasy


If your cake comes out just a bit greasy at the top or around the edges, you can cover it in chocolate or icing and let it cool down to set.

If it is too oily, then oops, you will have to throw it out!

Next time, use the right amount of butter or oil when preparing the cake batter. Also, don't use butter that has stayed out at room temperature for too long; it could get too greasy.

In conclusion, don't let making a mistake stop you from enjoying the process or baking again! Do it again! 

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