Shirataki, this is the name of spaghetti without gluten and carbohydrates. They are native to Japan but they are also successful in Italy; they contain few calories and they are rich in nutrients. Let's find out what benefits they bring to our organism.

Shirataki is a carbohydrate-free and gluten-free pasta, it is typical of Japan and it derives from the root of konjac. It can be considered a dietetic food because it contains very few calories, it immediately makes you feel full and satisfied and it has few fats. Shirataki have the shape of spaghetti but they are thinner and they are similar to Chinese rice noodles, especially for its gelatinous consistency. The root of konjac is similar to the beetroot, and it grows only in the high mountains: it contains 16 different types of amino acids, fibers and mineral salts including iron, calcium, copper, phosphorus, zinc, chromium and manganese.

Properties of shirataki

1. Shirataki help you to lose weight: shirataki are recommended for those who want to lose weight without giving up pasta: they contain only 10 calories per 100 grams of product, glucomannan gives an immediate sense of satiety, and they have very few fats. To make the most of the benefits of their low caloric intake, it is better to consume them with light sauces or vegetables.

2. Shirataki lower cholesterol: the glucomannan contained in shirataki reduces the absorption of fats in the intestine, lowering the levels of bad cholesterol in the blood.

3. Shirataki are good for the intestine: the high fiber content makes the shirataki a panacea for the intestine: they help its regularity and keep it clean, freeing it from the waste. They are ideal for those suffering from constipation.

4. Shirataki are suitable for those suffering from celiac disease: the complete absence of gluten makes these particular spaghetti good also for those suffering from celiac disease.

5. Shirataki are good to fight diabetes: shirataki contain no carbohydrates and the glucomannan reduces the absorption of sugars, making them a suitable food for those suffering from high blood sugar level or diabetes.

6. Shirataki fight tiredness and prevent tumors: the amino acids and mineral salts contained in the root of konjac, from which shirataki pasta is produced, help in case of asthenia and fatigue, giving the right amount of energy. In addition, they are also attributed anti-cancer properties.