Read on to know about the foods that you may and may not eat if they turn moldy!

It is quite common for foods, particularly perishable food items, to have mold growing on them. While, growth of this microorganism may be desirable in a few foods such as camembert cheese, artisanal salami, dry-aged steak, etc., there are many foods that are considered unfit for consumption when mold starts to grow on them.

Here is a list of some foods with mold growth that are safe and unsafe for consumption.

Hard salami and dry-cured ham

You may eat these foods provided they have only little surface mold on it and you scrub off the mold growth before eating.

Hot dogs and cold cuts

You must not consume these foods with mold growth and these microscopic fungi tend to grow on salty, damp, and protein-rich foods.

Hard cheese

Cut off the visible part and a little more area of cheddar, parmesan, and Swiss cheese as these are firm enough to restrict the growth of mold inside them.

Soft cheese

Cottage cheese, goat cheese, and ricotta must be thrown away when mold starts to grow on them.

Firm vegetables and fruits

All root vegetables and cabbage with mold growth can be consumed after cutting off the area with and around it.

Soft vegetables and fruits

Throw away tomatoes, cucumber, citrus fruits, peach, and other soft fruits with any mold growth on them.

Other cheese with mold growth

Bloomy-rind cheese (brie and camembert) and blue cheese are safe for consumption even when they have mold growing on them.

Baked foods

Bread and other baked foods should be discarded when you see any sign of mold growth on them.

Jellies and jams

It is dangerous to eat these foods when mold starts to grow on them.

Peanut butter

Throw it all away even if very little mold grows on it.


Discard all of the leftover foods with even the smallest amount of mold growing on it.

Cooked pasta

Throw it all in case you notice any amount of mold growth on it.

Dairy foods

Discard all of the moldy dairy foods such as yogurt, sour cream, sliced or shredded cheese, cream cheese, etc.


Discard the entire bag or container containing moldy nuts.


Always inspect whole grains such as farro, quinoa, and wheat berries before cooking and discard it all in case you find any moldy growth.