The Drunk UNO Game is still new, but it has already become a bestseller. This is no surprise considering that it brings a unique twist to an otherwise traditional shedding-type card game.

Unlike some popular drinking games, whether you win or lose, you have to take a drink every card you draw. This ensures that none of the group remains sober; thus the label that the game is strictly for adults.

A “Drunk UNO Game” package comes complete with playing cards and as many shot glasses as you want. All that is required is a group, between 2 to 10 persons, and of course, alcohol of any type!

At the start of the game, players are required to down a shot each. Then, each person takes a turn drawing a card; if you pick up a Draw 2, you have to down one shot of alcohol and if it is a Draw 4, you down two shots!

There are a few more rules to the game, so it goes on and on until you are able to shed all your cards. There is no guarantee that that will happen before you get drunk, but that's the point, it's called "Drunk UNO" after all!

If you think you've got what it takes to see this game through to the end, you may want to check out the "Drunk UNO Game" at the Etsy online store or try any of your favourite online retailers.

At a little below $40, the game is also relatively affordable. Enjoy!