The word ‘tagine’ actually refers to the cone-shaped vessel traditionally used in Morocco. It’s mostly made from ceramic, and is used similarly as we would use a slow-cooker or ‘crock-pot’. The unique shape of this pot, traps steam inside, leading to a flavorsome stew.  But if you search for tagine recipes, you’d find tons of North African recipes you can make, and you don’t necessarily need a tagine pot, any cast iron pot (or Dutch oven) will do. One of the most delicious combinations you can make is a Chicken, Apricot, and Chickpea Stew. The chickpeas pick up the spiciness in the stew, while apricots add just the right amount of sweetness.


Many people thicken soups with a mixture of flour and broth, but that is not an option for everyone. If you follow a gluten-free diet, you can use chickpeas! Mashed chickpeas are an excellent (and healthy) way to thicken your soups.

Roasted Chickpeas

For a delicious, healthy, and very easy snack, you can simply roast chickpeas in the oven. You can deep-fry them, but by roasting them in the oven, it’s a bit more of a guilt-free dish as they will absorb less oil. You can also make them sweet or savory. For sweet chickpeas, coat them with cinnamon-sugar. If you want crunchy, spicy bites, you can choose a variety of spices such as cumin, paprika, and coriander.

Low Carb Brownies and Blondies

We love sweet treats that are healthy and delicious. There are many recipes for brownies (and blondies) that substitute flour with chickpeas. Which makes them a perfect choice if you’re wanting to go grain-free or gluten-free. The bonus is that they give brownies a super fudgy texture, but you won’t taste any chickpeas. When using chickpeas in baked goods, a food processor is often used to make sure the texture is smooth enough.

Dark Chocolate Hummus

Okay…we did say there is more to chickpeas than hummus…but have you tried chocolate hummus yet? It’s delicious! You can serve it with crackers or fruits such as strawberries. Chickpeas are high in protein, filling, and not expensive. So, whether you are craving for something sweet or savory, they make the perfect snack and ingredient!