Stuffed chocolate crepes: a very tasty way to prepare and serve them

Very tasty and easy recipe with crepes.

By Cookist

Don't prepare simple crepes and make these with a creamy and delicious chocolate hearts.

Ingredients: 3 eggs; 40 gr sugar; 250 gr flour; olive oil; 50 cl milk; chocolate ganache, chocolate snacks.



1) Beat the eggs with sugar, flour, oil and milk.

2) When the batter is uniform, cook the crepes into a nonstick pan;

3) Fill the crepes with chocolate ganache and chocolate snacks;

4) Bake at 356°F (180°) for 10 minutes;

Serve and enjoy!

With crepes we suggest you another tasty recipe: Crepe roll 

Ingredients: For the crepes: 2 large eggs; ¼ cup sugar; 1 cup flour; 3 tbsp cocoa powder; 1 ½ cup milk; 3 tbsp butter, melted. For the filling: 250 full-fat cream; 3 tbsp sugar.



Beat cream and sugar until light and whipped. Set in the fridge while making crepes.
To make crepes whisk together cocoa powder and flour with a pinch of salt.
Separately beat milk, butter, eggs and sugar together.
Whisk wet and dry ingredients until smooth batter forms.
Pour one ladle of batter on a preheated pan and cook on both sides.
Leave crepes to cool down, then cover each with a layer of cream and roll together as shown on the video.
Put crepe roll in a fridge for 3 hours. Before serving cut excess from both sides and sprinkle the roll with cocoa powder.

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