Supreme releases 3-Pack Red Oreos and people are going crazy for it

Nabisco and Supreme released together a new red version Oreo cookie with the famous 'Supreme logo'. The 3-pack Red Oreos sold out in a couple days and people now are reselling them for more than $15,000 on Ebay! And the price of these novelty Oreos is expected to keep climbing.

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Nabisco and Supreme are famous for their method of collaborating with other companies to get their customer's attention. Now, these popular brands surprise people with their collaboration aimed at releasing their red version cookie.

The new cookie is red, indicating Supreme's theme in appearance. Apart from this, the cookie has a bright red color with Supreme's logo on it. The Oreo looks tasty because of its double cream filling. The package is 12.2 Oz and has a crème cheese flavor inside.

About pricing, these oreos were priced $8 per pack of three but, being a limited edition collab, they sold out in a couple days. So, now they are being resold even for more than $15,000 on Ebay.

A marketing strategy can increase a company's profit or can cause a setback that results in losses.  In this case, red Oreo has been undoubtedly been a great move great move for both the companies, which gained popularity over competitors.

Who is Supreme

It is an American clothing brand and skateboarding shop based in New York City. Supreme is a prominent fashion company obsessed with applying its logo to almost anything from T-shirts to skateboards. They even put their logos on nunchucks, fire extinguishers, and bricks too. Along with their red Oreos, they have launched their spring/summer collection, which includes Supreme binoculars, Supreme zip lock bags, and Supreme lawn chair.

Supreme + Nabisco= Red Oreo

These two brands, to seek attention and to increase their profit, launched together a new product, red Oreo, leaving people amazed!

Also in the past, Oreo's collaborations saw success, such as in their partnership with Swedish Fish and Google Android. Now, their new cookie with Supreme, which is a cloth brand, is gaining hype in the market from Louis Vuitton to New York City's MTA.

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