It is said, if you give your all to something you will always earn goodness from it, much like this current piece of information. Who would have thought that a ramen restaurant opened in an auto shop can earn a mention in the Michelin Guide? Read on to know more about this surprise incidence.

We associate Michelin-star food with top notch restaurants, fancy food menu, over the top ambiance, and a bill that can practically buy a month’s grocery for common people! Now, we have a really unexpected news for you. There is a man in Japan who sells out restaurant quality food at a fraction of price and has even earned culinary honors from the best in the business.

Katsumi Yoshida runs Hot Air a ramen outlet from his auto shop at Tottori, Japan, and has earned Michelin star in the latest edition of the guide. He sells the ramen for about 800 yen or $7.1 and is thus placed in a special restaurant category that is delivering a top class quality of food and service for under 5000 yen or $44.39.

Yoshida has earned this appreciation after a little more than 5 years of being in this business. Since 2012, he has been serving bowls of noodles and has been developing and serving broth without using any additives for much longer than that. To prepare the decadent preparation he uses chicken bones, sardines, and salt.

He made arrangements to sell this delicious food by converting the meeting space of his shop in to the food outlet. By selling good food he made a mark for himself and because of the quick word of mouth. Owing to his immense popularity, a Michelin judge visited his food outlet and was extremely impressed to recommend him for the Michelin Guide.

Call it destiny, or what not, but it truly is the hard work of Yoshida that got him this appreciation. In fact, Hot Air is one of the cheapest restaurants globally to make a mark in to the league of the esteemed food joints.

So, if you ever happen to visit Japan you should try out the exclusive ramen preparation by Yoshida. But, before that, you should also check his Twitter link to get updates on the opening hours and days of his restaurant.