Sustainability: 7 Interesting Ways You Can Use Up Leftover Rice

The only thing more frustrating than having leftover food is deciding what to do with it. Leftover rice is one of the most commonly discarded food items, but that shouldn't be the case as there are tons of ways to put it to good use as long as it's still safe for consumption. In this article we share some unique ways to use up leftover rice to combat food waste.

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Rice is a staple food consumed by many all over the world. It is a great source of carbohydrate and is quite versatile in that it can be used to make many different dishes.

If you've cooked a little too much of it for that family lunch, there is no need to despair because there are several things you can use the leftovers for. Below are some ways you can completely give new life to rice leftovers.

 1.Add some seasoning to whip up something spicy


You can add some spicy seasonings and sauces to your sauce to transform it into a flavorful masterpiece, however remember that too much can be overwhelming. Eat this with leftover rice and you will immediately realize what you would have missed by throwing it out. Leftover rice kept in the fridge will have developed more moisture which makes it a great counterbalance for your spicy sauce.

2.Make fried rice


Leftover rice can be transformed into fried rice with the help of a few ingredients. This works so well,  many fried rice recipes will ask you to use leftover rice rather than freshly made one. This is because rice kept in the fridge can easily get you that special, crave-worthy crispy texture.

3.Stir the rice into a soup

You can never go wrong with soup. Especially when you're hungry and in a hurry. A bowl of soup is an easy-to-make option that is also incredibly versatile in terms of style and ingredients. Once the soup is prepared, just stir in the rice and voila! You have a delicious meal staring you right in the face.

4.Use it to make dessert


Leftover rice can be used to make rice pudding which is a healthy dessert anyone could put together. Rice pudding is simple to make and only requires ingredients you will most likely already have in your Kitchen. What do you need? Just the leftover rice, some cinnamon and enough cream.

5.Use it to make a creamy risotto

A risotto is a creamy dish and is the perfect way to reuse old rice. All you have to do is mix your leftover rice with some herbs, stock, and a bit of butter and the delicacy is ready to be consumed.

6.Use it to fill a burrito


You can use leftover rice to fill a burrito by steaming it with some chopped-up cilantro before filling your burrito. Doing this will leave you with a snack that will make you feel full for longer.

7.Make some rice cakes

Another way to reinvent your leftover rice is by making it into rice cake. The process is lengthy and will require some experimenting with the concept of fermentation however the end product will make it all worth it. Making rice cakes takes time and effort so come prepared to put both in.

Which of these would you like to try first?

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