Sustainable Living: How To Reuse Peach Peels and Pits

It is officially peach season which means many people are busy canning. Usually, people would throw away peach peels and pits because they believe they are useless since they are not edible. This is untrue because these peels have a wide variety of uses as outlined below.

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Peach fruits are a joy to enjoy, but their peels and pits usually end up in the bin of those who don’t know what they can do with them. If that’s you, then you’re in the right place because we know just about everything they can be used for and are willing to share. Below are some things you can use peach peels and pits for.

1.They make tasty jelly


During canning, put the peels and other undesirables in a big pot. After the canning of the peaches is done, fill the pot full of the scraps with water. Ensure that the scraps are completely submerged in water, then have them boiled for 30 minutes.

When the time is up, cover the pot and let it spend a night in your fridge. The following day, strain the peach water with a cheesecloth. Remember to strain alone and not squeeze otherwise, your jelly will turn out cloudy.

Recipe for Peach Peel Jelly 

3 cups of peach water
1 box of pectin
3 cups of sugar


Mix the strained peach fluid with pectin, then stir well to dissolve to avoid pectin lumps. After the pectin has dissolved completely, bring the mix to a boil, then add sugar. Stir it again and when you see foam, remove it with a spoon.

After that, ladle the hot syrup into jars, then leave them in a water bath to cool down for 20 minutes after which you can store it for up to a year.


2. You can use them to make ice cubes

Peach ice cubes can be used in smoothies as well as too cool sparkling water and club soda. To prepare the cubes, cook up the peach peels and pits. The pit makes the liquid even redder, and it also adds a peachy flavor.

Cover them with water and leave them to boil for 30 minutes. Just like when you were making the jelly, you will notice foams but don’t skim them off. All you have to do is keep stirring the liquid until it all mixes well. This will add volume as well as flavor. After that, cover the fluid and refrigerate it till the next day.

The following day, strain out the peels and pits while squeezing. Pour the liquid into several ice cube trays, then freeze them until they achieve a solid composition, after which you can move them to plastic zipper freezer bags, and you’re good to go.

3.They make great peach pit iced tea

It should be noted that for this recipe, you only need 1 pit per cup of tea, which means that the trace amount of cyanide in the pits will not do any damage. Dry them in the oven at 200 degrees for 60 minutes, then store them in an airtight glass jar.

When you want to make the tea, steep the pits in hot water for as long as you want but remember the longer the better. Throw out the pits the next day, and you can use the peach-flavored water to make iced tea.


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