Ten Strange Food Facts That You Will Find Hard To Believe!

Food is an important niche all over the world. The history, as well as the production of food, are just as important as how it is eaten. Charmingly, these also give way to some of the weirdest facts about food. From the fact that you can actually "hear" rhubarb grow to the fact that cheese is the most stolen food in the world, this list is a mix of the typical unusual and the shocking strange!

By Cookist

1. Strawberries are not berries, bananas are!


It is a common misconception that strawberries are berries, but with good reason, after all, looks can be deceiving. Even more unbelievably, it is said that bananas who look nothing like the typical berry are a part of the family!


2. Back in the days, lobsters and oysters were recognized as the food of the "working class."


Seafood like lobsters and oysters are considered a treasure and fanciful food now, but that was not the case for several decades.

Back then, people detested the taste of lobsters and would return them to the sea or offer them to servants.

3. You can hear rhubarb grow


Bet you didn't know that there is a plant that you can hear grow! It is the rhubarb, a plant that is native to central Asia.

According to experts, you can quicken the growth of your rhubarb by placing it in a dark shed to mimic spring. This results in a growth that is unusually so fast that you can hear the plant popping as it lengthens!

4. Mushrooms can never be overcooked


Mushrooms contain a unique polymer that ensures that they always have a tender taste when cooked. This means that most people usually get cooking them right.

5. The sandwich was invented because of gambling


John Montagu created the sandwich while he was on a 24-hour gambling streak. History has it that Montagu was hungry during the game but didn't want to stop playing; thus, the birth of the sandwich – two bread slices filled with just about anything he liked!

6. Cheese is the most popularly stolen food all around the globe


Believe it or not, cheese, which can be considered a food staple all over the world, is the most stolen food all over.

Around 4% of ALL the cheese made in the world gets stolen! Wow!

7. Fruit stickers are edible – and quite tasty too!


If you didn't know, bite into a fruit sticker, and you'll find that it tastes sweet. However, you probably shouldn't continue eating!

8. Eating healthy costs way more than relying on junk foods daily


One of the reasons people prefer to eat junk foods is because they come at a price way lower than that of vegetables and other healthy foods.

9. People considered black pepper a luxury in the middle ages


There's almost no recipe without pepper; they are a common form of spicing up food, but that wasn't always the case!

Back in the middle ages, pepper and a few other spices were likened to rare gems with Portugal's Vasco de Gama becoming the first man to sail around Africa to get to India in a search for spices.

10. Russia did not consider beer as alcohol until 2011

In Russia, beer and any alcoholic beverage under 10% ABV were not considered alcohol. In 2011, however, things changed, and they were passed into law as notable sources of alcohol because alcoholism and its attached problems became rampant in the country.

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