The ongoing pandemic has caused a massive dent in the economies of states and countries globally. It can only be hoped that the damage it has incurred is repairable.

Gradually reopening the economy is, therefore, one of the strategic steps that governing bodies are taking to ensure that the economy bounces back again.

However, despite being closed for over a month, many restaurant owners have decided not to rush things when it comes to serving customers in their dining halls.

One such business owner cited safety issues, the absence of expert health guidelines, lack of employees, and the expensive costs of reopening so hastily.

For Rachelle Fox, co-owner of The Cavalier, it is the burden of having to open the dining hall to function like it usually would while only serving a small fraction of people, that is unsettling.

So, Fox says that she has decided that her restaurant will open June 1 and that for now, they'll only be open for deliveries and take-outs.

Another such concerned person is Adam Orman, co-owner of Italian restaurant L'Oca d'Oro, who stresses that in a rush, the government has not prepared well enough to reopen businesses.

He said:

"They've had seven weeks to prepare, and we see that there's still no preparation that really takes into account small businesses or single parents."

However, it is essential to note that while many have raised such complaints, a significant few have started working hard to reopen as the government has directed.

Overall, we all look forward to dining out with family and friends, but the concerns of the restaurant owners are indeed crucial. At this time, when very little is certain, you can help promote local businesses in any little way you can.

Stay safe!