Have you ever tried to turn an avocado into a heart or a rose? Food decorations are an awesome thing, but sometimes creative fruit carvings may prevail over the food aspect. Look at these avocados and get amazed by their odd shape.

1.A stuffed avocado burger

2. Fancy a slice of this avocado pizza?

3. Avocado wiffle ball

4. These avocado decorations bring a touch of charm to your home

5. Pixelated avocado

6. Avocado skull

7. Creative avocado toasts: perfect for a home party

8. Avocado hearts

9. Nice avocado snacks

10. Would you manage to eat this avocado burger?

11. Lovely avocado toasts

12. Avocado rose

13. Romantic avocado decorations

14. Yummy avocado snacks

15. Thai carved avocado