Despite hearing over and over again for so many years how important breakfast is, nowadays many people feel that it’s simply not that big of a deal. According to research, people who eat breakfast have a lower risk of heart disease, high blood pressure, or high cholesterol. Ironically, the results were not strong enough to encourage those who skip it to actually start eating breakfast.

At the same time, other studies showed that skipping breakfast could help you lose weight (breakfast is often skipped when you’re on an intermittent fasting diet). But while it might help you shed a few extra pounds, it’s perhaps not the best thing to do. A small study recently showed it could actually increase inflammation. If you want to eat breakfast, but struggle to get out of the habit of skipping it, try one of these excuse-busting tips.

1. I have no time!

This has to be the number one excuse for skipping breakfast. In this day and age, everyone seems to be in a rush. To avoid mad dashes in the morning, prepare everything you need the evening before. If you eat cereal (wholegrain of course, not the sugary kind), put out bowls and spoons. If you have smoothies, make sure your fruits are washed and ready to pop into your food processor the next morning. You can also bake a big batch of breakfast muffins and store them in the freezer. Take them out to thaw overnight – it makes a great breakfast for when you’re on the go!

2. I don’t feel like eating

Many people simply don’t have an appetite in the morning, especially early in the morning before they have to get ready for work. In this case, an easy alternative is to ‘trick’ yourself by swapping a breakfast meal for a smoothie. By drinking a smoothie filled with yoghurt and fruits, you get all the nutrients you need without feeling like you’re eating.

3. I want to lose weight

While it is known that skipping breakfast can help you lose weight, research also shows that it’s more likely to do damage in the long run. In fact, some studies even suggest that you’re likely to overeat later during the day. If you’re on a diet, it’s a good idea to still eat your breakfast, even if it’s just something small. One of the best options if you’re on a diet are poached or boiled eggs. It’s a great source of protein that will keep you full throughout the morning, and will keep hunger pangs at bay. Remember to opt for poached or boiled eggs, instead of fried eggs.

4. I’ll be too full to exercise

It’s very a good idea to provide your body with fuel for your morning’s exercise routine. However, many people actually feel weighed down or more lethargic after consuming a meal. This in turn negatively affects their exercise routine. But remember, there’s no reason why you should scoff down a full-sized breakfast. Eat something small like a banana or even drink a glass of milk before you go to the gym. This is probably one of the most important things to realize: breakfast can come in any shape or size. This means you can completely tailor it to your own needs. Just note that if you only eat something small before hitting the gym, make sure you eat a protein-rich meal afterwards!