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The 8 common mistakes to avoid when preparing an omelette

How to cook it, how to turn it so that it does not stick and the tricks to make it creamy and not "dry": here are the most common mistakes to avoid.

By Cookist

The omelette

The omelette is considered one of the easiest recipes to prepare. The dish for an easy dinner par excellence. Yet being able to prepare it good is not obvious as it appears. How to cook it, how to turn it so that it does not stick and the tricks to make it creamy and not "dry": here are the most common mistakes to avoid.


Whip the eggs

The eggs should be beaten and not whipped. You have to reach a creamier consistency, not spongy. Add salt and pepper to the mixture and just mix the ingredients with a fork.

The wrong pan

Use non-stick pans and the right size: for four eggs a 16cm one is enough, for eight eggs instead choose one of 24 centimeters.


Using too much oil

Do not use too much extra-virgin olive oil, pour it into the pan only when it is hot and distribute it evenly.

Pour the eggs in the pan too early

Before pouring the beaten eggs into the pan, make sure that the oil has reached the right temperature. To find out, pour a pinch of mixture and check if it fries. Otherwise wait a moment.


Wrong frying

To cook the omelette perfectly, incise the surface with a wooden spoon during cooking. In this way you will make the uncooked part of the mixture go down. But be careful not to keep it too much on the fire, a good omelette must be soft, just cooked, or it will end up drying out and losing taste.

Combine the ingredients late

If you decide to add ingredients such as potatoes, zucchini, onion or bacon to the omelette, cut them into small pieces, cook them separately and then add them to the raw eggs before pouring them in a pan.


Break it while you turn it

Turning the omelette is the most complex part. Avoid spectacular acrobatic games, if you fly it in the air it will probably end up on the floor. Do something less glamorous but more practical: with a spatula remove it from the edges and then pour it on a lid or on a plate and then turn it over. If you don’t manage to do this, cook it in the oven. Just pour the mixture into a baking dish lined with parchment paper and cook it at 180 degrees for about 15 minutes.

Use a slightly creamy mixture

If your egg mixture is not very creamy, you can add some grated cheese or a bit of milk before pouring it into the pan. To make your omelette even softer, separate the egg white from the yolk, and in the latter add salt and grated Parmesan. Beat the white with a hand whisk to whip it a little and then add to the yolk.

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