This was a long overdue treat for all the Potter fans as this famous movie franchise got a much deserved “treat” just in time for their 20th anniversary. Read on to know more about the Harry Potter series candy that is launching this fall.

The Harry Potter magic has not faded over the years and there must be many who will be eager to pick up the treats based on this series and re-live those childhood days. In fact, there is still as much or rather much more fan following of the J. K. Rowling’s creation as there was 20 years ago because every generation takes the Potter mania to a whole new level.

For 20 years, people have been obsessing over this legend of the wizarding world and it is quite a revelation that people of all age groups celebrate him with equal fervor. In the same spirit, the food company Jelly Belly has introduced a long line of new candies that are inspired by the Potter world.

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Each of these treats is worth having and the long line of goodies include everything from jelly candies, chocolates, flavored beans, animal shaped chocolates, and what not! You will be delighted to find a pretty diverse range of items that we have seen in the movie such as magic wands of our favorite characters such as Harry Potter, Ron Weasley, Albus Dumbledore, and Hermione Granger, every flavored bean, chocolate frogs, gummi creatures, jelly slugs, chocolate crests, chocolate creatures, etc.

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This means we muggles will be having a really good time this Halloween, right? The best part is that all of these items are shaped and made to look exactly as we see them in the movie. And, if that is not enough, all of the goodies taste really amazing.

Before you swish and flick the yummy chocolate wands, you must know that all boxes of chocolate wands come with a wizard spell sheet so that you can be as much like your favorite character as you want to. The chocolate house crests come with the respective house stickers and are available in all four house options, that is, Ravenclaw, Slytherin, Hufflepuff, and Gryffindor. The chocolate creatures available are Aragog, Fang, Crookshanks, Fluffy, Thestral, and Hedwig, which comes along with collectible stickers as well. If chocolate is not your thing, then you can also pick the fun gummy creatures (Fluffy, Aragog, Hedwig, Buckbeak, and Fang) and treat yourself the Potter way!