Now, this is one heck of a news for all the chocolate lovers around the globe. Hershey’s, the big chocolate giant, has come out with an all new variety of chocolate bar that will tempt you to no limit this festive season! Read on to know more about this delicious temptation.

This is an ideal marriage made in chocolate heaven! The two big favorites of the chocolate world, Hershey’s and Reeses’s have come out with a joint candy bar that is classic, smooth, chocolatey, creamy, and downright perfect, to say the least.

Imagine the classic Hershey’s milk chocolate bar filled with the classic Reeses’s salty peanut butter candies. Sounds incredible, right? And, guess what, your prayers to the food god have been answered. Now, instead of buying two separate treats you just pick this iconic Hershey’s milk chocolate & Reeses’s pieces candy bar.

This is such a brilliant idea by the food corps that even the brand managers can’t contain their excitement about it. This mix of the two greatest candies is an ultimate celebration treat for their customers and it will certainly melt everyone’s heart. You can find this treat on the shelves of your neighborhood grocery store nationwide only by the late November. But, do not lose your heart and stay calm to relish the best chocolate mash up of the year.

Now, this seems much more than a mere coincidence that this all new treat is launching right in time when the real life couple Jenny Ries (as in Reese’s) and Craig Hirschey (Hershey) got engaged. Epic isn’t it! Once the chocolate brands caught the attention of this special event in the couple’s life, they thought that the new product launch can be represented as their actual marriage plans.

To celebrate this association, the couple was invited to Hershey, PA, for their engagement photo shoot wherein the two enjoyed chocolate-filled moments with the brand’s mascot. They visited the local attractions such as The Hotel Hershey, Hersheypark, and Hershey’s Chocolate World. It must have been such an incredible moment for both of them.

To put it correctly, it is a perfect match made in the chocolate heaven, with all the sweet love floating around this special couple. The couple’s story seemed to fit perfectly with the brands association and they had a wonderful experience at PA.

On a side note, the two brands are planning to launch this chocolate bar in standard and king size packs. However, the ones who have tasted it recommend to straight away go for the king size one!