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The Best Flavored Margaritas to Try

When the mercury starts to rise and summer is in full swing, a cool, refreshing cocktail always hits the spot. The classic Margarita is a favorite drink to sip on to beat the heat, but if you want to jazz up your cocktail, there are tons of delicious flavored Margaritas you can mix up in your home bar. These are our top picks for the 16 best flavored Margaritas.

By Cookist

Margaritas are a much-loved cocktail that are great for any occasion – whether you're having a barbecue, picnic, or simply want to enjoy a refreshing cocktail when the weather's warm, nothing beats a Margarita. The classic Margarita is made from blanco tequila, lime juice, and orange liqueur, but there are loads of fantastic flavored Margaritas to try. We've rounded up the best flavored Margaritas. You can make any of these Margaritas in either a fresh or frozen version. Try mixing up a few at your next party!

Blueberry Mint Margarita 


For an ultra-refreshing cocktail that tastes like summer, mix up a Blueberry Mint Margarita. This tasty drink makes a great frozen Margarita – just blend the tequila and triple sec with frozen blueberries and crushed ice. Garnish with a little extra mint and enjoy.

Watermelon Margarita 

Watermelon is a seriously underrated cocktail ingredient. That sweet melony flavor is perfect for a Margarita. You can use watermelon juice, watermelon syrup, or fresh watermelon to make this summery drink. This is another flavored Margarita that would be delicious as a frozen cocktail – ideal for beating the heat!

Grapefruit Margarita


Fans of the classic Margarita will love the Grapefruit Margarita. Its bright, citrusy flavor is similar to the lime in the original Margarita, but it has a sweeter, deeper taste. This is a favorite one to sip as a light cocktail before a meal.

Ginger Raspberry Margarita 

If you enjoy the combination of sweet and heat, a Ginger Raspberry Margarita will definitely hit the spot. Ginger and lime are an unbeatable cocktail combo, and when you add raspberry to the mix, it takes this cocktail to the next level.

Lemon Blueberry Margarita


Lemon and blueberry are another classic combination. They make a fantastic pairing in desserts as well as drinks. The Lemon Blueberry Margarita is another killer candidate for a frozen drink. Use frozen berries to get the perfect texture.

Strawberry Basil Margarita 

There's something about mixing strawberry and basil that's so delicious and refreshing. It's a phenomenal cocktail for barbecues – the strawberry basil goes really well with smoky meats off the grill!

Coconut Margarita


Planning a staycation this summer? No problem. Whip up a few Coconut Margaritas and be instantly transported to the tropics. For the best, creamiest version of this drink, use cream of coconut to make your Margarita. Paper umbrella optional.

Cherry Margarita 

Cherry Margaritas always satisfy your taste buds when you're in the mood for a sweet-tart cocktail. Use fresh cherries or cherry juice to make this tasty tipple. For the best flavor, use a combination of red and black cherries.

Clementine Margarita 


Clementines have a sweeter flavor than regular oranges, so they're ideal for making cocktails and balancing out the zesty flavor of lime juice in a Margarita. Freshly squeezed clementines are the only option here – nothing else comes close to the flavor.

Midori Margarita 

With its sweet melony flavor, Midori is a great addition to a variety of cocktails, including the Margarita. Take note, because Midori is a liqueur, this Margarita will be a little stronger than other versions on this list. Be sure to pace yourself!

Jalapeno Grapefruit Margarita 


If you like spice, you'll love the Jalapeno Grapefruit Margarita. Peppers go well with tequila, while sweet grapefruit helps keep that spice in check. Use fresh muddled jalapenos or make a jalapeno simple syrup for this cocktail.

Mango Margarita 

The Mango Margarita is another cocktail that's stunning in both its fresh and frozen versions. Add mango nectar and fresh (or frozen) pieces of mango to make a super thirst-quenching drink. If you like spice, you can also add a few jalapenos to make a Spicy Mango Margarita.

Lychee Margarita 


For a more tropical Margarita, try a Lychee Margarita. Its sweet, fragrant flavor is phenomenal. Use canned or fresh lychees to make this cocktail. Add a little lychee liqueur for a stronger flavor and garnish with fresh lychees.

Pomegranate Margarita 

With its beautiful red color and sweet-tart taste, pomegranate is another wonderful cocktail ingredient. A Pomegranate Margarita hits all the right notes. It's refreshing, perfectly sweet, satisfyingly tart, and easy to make. Use pomegranate juice to flavor this drink.

Pineapple Margarita 


While pineapple tends to be paired with rum more often than tequila, there's no denying that tequila and pineapple are a sensational combination. Pineapple Margaritas are delightfully tropical, refreshing, and can be made in either frozen or fresh versions. Use frozen chunks of pineapple if you want an icy drink.

Blue Margarita 

The Blue Margarita gets its gorgeous color from blue curacao, a type of orange liqueur. The flavor is similar to the classic Margarita, but with a slightly more bitter taste. It's a delicious refresher that's perfect when you want a tasty, fun cocktail.

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