Cheese is pretty much the staple in every kitchen. This expensive food can instantly lift the flavor and texture of any dish. It is quite common to cover the leftover cheese in a cling film after use, but according to experts, it is wrong to do so.

According to the experts, this dairy product should be stored in a different medium, other than cling film, for it to keep tasting as good as the day it was bought. While cling film will undoubtedly prevent the cheese from drying out, over time, it will also hold too much moisture that can ruin the cheese.

The presence of excess moisture can favor mold growth in cheese, particularly on the outermost surface. So, do not forget to scrape off a decent portion of the outer layer each time you plan to use this cling wrapped cheese.

Using wax paper or greaseproof paper instead will be a far better choice to wrap cheese as it will neither dry out the cheese too much nor hold an excess amount of moisture in it. Blue cheese, in particular, needs special attention here. Experts recommend wrapping blue cheese in a tin foil after covering it with a greaseproof paper. This is because this cheese tends to turn liquid with time.

The correct place to store cheese is in the salad drawer of the fridge. This area of the refrigerator is slightly warmer, which makes it ideal for storing the cheese. Hard cheese should be ideally stored in a room with a constant of 8 to 15 degrees C and soft cheese between 5 to 8 degrees C.