Why eat simple fruit when you can taste this one?

Cédric Grolet, 33 years old, is an incredible pastry chef that make special, delicious and wonderful desserts. Grolet won the best pastry chef of the year in 2015 and 2016. He has 2 Michelin stars and in his pastry shop, in the 1er arrondissement a Paris, very near from the entrance of Le Meurice, luxury hotel where the super confectioner creates his works of art from 2011. Here you can fin his amazing creations, as the Saint-Honoré, the freshly baked madeleines, the Paris-Brest, the melting cookies, the kouglouf in brioche dough and much more.

Cédric loves to teach with love his knowledge, giving unusual experiences to discover his universe and leave an unforgettable memory: in the boutique, every day a pastry chef will demonstrate demonstrating the key passages of some desserts, revealing the secrets and ingredients behind some of his creations more famous.