Read on to know about the benefits of consuming sole water!

Sole water is the water that has been saturated with pink Himalayan salt. It can be prepared by adding enough water to a jar that is quarter filled with this special salt. This mixture is allowed to sit for good 12 to 24 hours and even more salt is added, if required, to this water to the point that salt stops getting dissolved in this water. This is also known as the point when water is saturated with salt.

Consuming a teaspoon of this mixture in a glass full of water is believed to offer many health benefits. It is the ability of sole water to balance the positive and negative charge of our body or optimize the ion balance of our body that is responsible for the incredible health benefits, such as

It is considered to benefit digestion

Assists in detoxification of the body

Balances blood sugar level

Improves bone health

Manages blood pressure level

Improve sleep

Prevents muscular cramps

However, there is hardly any scientific research study to back these claims as these health benefits offered by sole water have not been tested scientifically yet. It should also be known that the pink Himalayan salt offers an impressive amount of 84 minerals, even though in minuscule or negligible quantities.