The Link Between Garlic and Weight Loss

Many believe it can ward off coughs and colds, and now it seems that our pungent friend has been linked to weight loss, too.

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Garlic makes food taste great, and it’s also been used as a health supplement for years. Many believe it can ward off coughs and colds, and now it seems that our pungent friend has been linked to weight loss, too.

How Can Garlic Help with Weight Loss?


Garlic may increase the body’s fat burning capabilities. A 2011 study published in The Journal of Nutrition found that there was a link between garlic and fat-burning. More research found that aged garlic extract might lead to weight loss in some women.

Because garlic goes with many foods, you can pair it with most of the fat-burning foods out there for double the impact.

Makes Food Tasty Without Adding Calories


Garlic is so versatile that it brings flavour and depth to many savoury dishes – without adding lots of extra calories.

If you aren’t keen on the intensity of garlic, try roasting it. Roast a whole head of garlic with the ends of the cloves cut off, and drizzled in a little olive oil. Roasting it makes it sweeter and with a more mellow, but still garlicky taste. It will turn to a sort of puree when you squeeze it out of the cloves, and you can add it to sauces or put it directly on your food.

Other Health Benefits of Garlic


Apart from weight loss, studies show that garlic is a valuable ally to help keep our bodies healthy.

Research shows that allicin (produced when garlic is finely chopped or crushed) could help to lower blood pressure, especially in people who already suffer from high blood pressure.

Garlic may also help to naturally lower your blood sugar too, by affecting your fasting blood glucose.

A study in Food and Chemical Toxicology found that onions work in a similar way on blood sugar levels. Pair the two for double the benefit!

How You Can Add More Garlic to Your Diet


Garlic won’t magic away the excess weight, but it can help you enjoy your weight-loss journey more, as well as benefiting your health.

It’s so easy to add garlic to your everyday cooking, and studies show that if you let the garlic sit for a bit after chopping it, the allicin compound will have time to fully develop, so less will be lost when you sauté or roast your garlic.



Add some minced garlic to your scrambled egg or omelette for a tasty start to the day.


Cook lean protein in a skillet, and when it’s almost fully cooked, add some chopped garlic to the pan. Garlic goes well with cauliflower rice, and with most vegetables out there.



Steak and garlic are made for each other! Choose leaner cuts of steak, such as round and top sirloin, tenderloin, strip, and T-bone. Add some mushrooms to round off the dish.


Try garlicky stuffed mushrooms, or make a pan of vegetable fries sprinkled with minced garlic.

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