This read will definitely change the way you would treat chicken from now on. Washing the raw chicken with water before cooking may turn out to be a potentially hazardous practice and you must reconsider the way you use this popular poultry from now on.

Majority of us wash and rinse the food products that we eat or use for cooking. It is actually been taught to us ever since the childhood years to wash and clean the food that we eat. However, not all the things that we eat need to be washed before consumption. Take chicken, for example, read on to know why we must avoid washing chicken before cooking.

The professionals in the food health and safety sector advise against washing the chicken before cooking as it can lead to potential cross contamination and an increase in the spread of harmful bacteria.

We all wash chicken to remove the sliminess and germs present on the surface of raw chicken. However, in reality, washing the chicken with water is of no help to get rid of bacteria, such as campylobacter and salmonella, which are present on the surface of raw chicken. In fact, cleaning chicken with water actually worsens the problem as while washing the chicken with running water some water droplets and splashes might spread these harmful bacteria in the surrounding areas and around the countertop, sink, and even contaminate the clothes you are wearing.

According to USDA, the sure shot way to eliminate these harmful bacteria is by cooking all kinds of meat to an appropriate temperature. So, to cook chicken a minimum temperature of 165 degrees C is ideal for it to be considered safe for consumption.

While there is a difference of opinion regarding this matter amongst many sections of cooking professionals and chefs, one must refer to the scientific evidence and various studies that are carried out to clear out the air of ambiguity around this matter.

As per a study carried out at the Drexel University, we must try not to wash the chicken with water until we are too sure of the difference caused by washing it. To get rid of the sliminess of chicken, it is recommended to pat it with a clean and dry paper towel.

If you still wish to wash the chicken under running water, then it is advised that you must take proper measures to disinfect the surrounding areas where the water must have splashed while washing it to prevent cross contamination. Followed by this, you must properly wash your hands and any tools used with soap or soap solution that may have been in contact with the raw meat.