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The recipe for a soft chocolate cake

Total time: 60 Min
Difficulty: Low
Serves: 6 people
By Cookist
Dark Chocolate
245 gr
210 gr
200 gr
Flour type 00
100 gr
Baking powder
1 sachet

The chocolate cake is a soft and fluffy cake, easy to prepare and loved by everyone. A classic dessert perfect for your children's snack or to soak it in the morning in a cappuccino. The chocolate cake is also a perfect base for other types of cakes, especially if they are glazed or stuffed with cream.


Put the chopped dark chocolate (1) in a bowl so that it can melt easily (2). Put the chocolate in the microwave oven and open the door every 30 seconds so that it does not burn. Continue like this until the chocolate has completely melted (3).

Once the chocolate is ready, add the butter at room temperature (4) in the bowl and stir until it has melted completely. In a large bowl, place the flour, the baking powder, the eggs (5) and the sugar (6).

Work the mixture with an electric mixer for about 5/7 minutes, until you get a frothy texture (7). Add the lukewarm chocolate to the mixture and mix gently from bottom to top until the two creams have perfectly blended (8).

Pour the mixture into a baking pan (9), previously greased and floured, and bake at 180 degrees for about 50 minutes. Try with a toothpick to see if it's ready.


– You can replace dark chocolate with white chocolate to make a sweeter chocolate cake, perhaps to be covered with tufts of whipped cream.

– The chocolate cake can be flavored by adding two tablespoons of hazelnuts or almonds to the dough. Otherwise, if you want to make the dark chocolate cake even more fragrant, just grate in the dough the peel of an orange or a lemon.

– If you want to make it more creamy, prepare a mascarpone cream and stuff the cake, adding also a handful of raspberries.

How to store the chocolate cake

The chocolate cake can be perfectly stored, if properly covered, in a dry environment for the first two days. After the first two days, keep it in the refrigerator for two more days. But I do not think you'll need to make the second thing because this cake is so good it will finish immediately.

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