Read on to know about this shocking case where a woman is allergic to water.

Water is certainly the most important thing which is required to make this planet habitable. So, it should not sound surprising for you to read that we all need water for survival. However, you will be surprised to know about the case of a 23-year-old woman who is allergic to water.

Alexandra Allen, from Utah, suffers from a rare condition known as aquagenic urticaria in which her body breaks into hives whenever it is exposed to water. In fact, she complains of a burning itch and hives practically every other day. Her condition is so bad that her skin even reacts to her own sweat when she feels hot and sweaty.

She is very conscious of her condition and tries to keep her hives covered under clothes as she does not like to explain her rare medical condition to everyone. Hot weather and hot water are her worst enemies as it makes her condition worse but she can’t do much about it. Sadly, she can take only a two minute cold shower once each week. On a daily basis, she wipes her face with a cleansing wipe and her hands with a hand sanitizer.

This condition leaves her constantly dehydrated as she cannot drink too much water to avoid any possible reaction in her throat. While this condition may seem unreal, there are quite a few other cases with the same medical condition all over the world and are reported in the medical literature.

The sad part is that there is no cure to this condition and doctors can simply treat the symptoms associated with this rare disease.